Texas A&M Football… training for future careers at the TSA?

I live in Nebraska, but I was not born nor bred here.  I find myself rooting for the Huskers, because every other state in the union seems to hate them so much.  When the Huskers win, I know that the majority of the nation is pissed off, and that makes me very happy 🙂  The Bobcats of Montana State University defeated the tree-hugging fancy-pants Montana Grizzlies this weekend, which  makes me smile.  I was floating on a cloud of happiness when I discovered that the 8th ranked Huskers of Nebraska were defeated by the 19th (or something) ranked Aggies of Texas (A&M… which translates to “Not Real University”).

I couldn’t believe it!  I started doing a little research into the unbelievable defeat, and I discovered that the Nebraska fans were a little upset with the officiating.  Of course they were, right?  The losing team always blames the officials!  And then, I found the following little clip:

The dude who had his testes tested was penalized like 30 yards for this encounter. What? Yes, seriously, Cotton was given two 15-yard penalties for this encounter. #83, Jerod-Edie was obviously grabbing Mr. Cotton’s… uh… family jewels… and not in a way that most guys would like to have their jewels grabbed. I don’t know about you, but having some HUGE dude violently grab my junk would probably lead me to do more than kick a couple of times. Someone would be in the ER (and, given my shape and size, it would probably be me… but I’d have a retarded zebra or two in the ambulance with me). I know, I know… there are all kinds of Aggies fans who are screaming, “A real team looks past poor officiating and finds a way to win!” Such fans need to come on over to my house… my fingers are primed, and I will squeeze you bad boys to the point that you are screaming that Nebraska was robbed and the Aggies low-balled (pun intended) their way to a victory. #83, Tony Jerod-Edie, has wonderful career ahead of him as a $8/hour TSA “baggage” inspector.

Hahaha… Texas sucks in SOOO many ways! Thank you, Mr. Nut-Grabber-Jerod-Edie for showing us just one 🙂

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Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Lee, the winner of the first Happy Stinking Joy Scavenger Hunt, made good on his promise to send me a picture of him in his first place prize. So, without further ado…..
Happy Stinking Joy,happystinkingjoy.com,scavenger hunt,contest,free

Man, that is one good looking piece of work.  I know that after everyone sees this picture, they are gonna fall in love… with the shirt!  If I do another one of these scavenger hunts, you will have your own chance to win one of these beauties.  And as you can tell from the picture, they look good on almost anything!  🙂

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Scavenger Hunt #1 Winner and Answers!

Ok, so the first ever Happy Stinking Joy Scavenger Hunt is officially done.  Looks like only two people made it all the way through.  I’m thinking that 20 questions may have been too many.  I wanted it to be challenging, but I didn’t expect that it would be an all-day project.  Funny, though, that  people will spend all day managing their imaginary farms on Facebook with no real-world payout… but they give up (or won’t even start) a scavenger hunt with the real-world payout of a FREAKING AWESOME T-SHIRT 😀

The first person to get an answer to every question to me was Aida from North Carolina!  However, she had one of the answers incorrect.  I sent her an email letting her know that one of the answers was incorrect.  In the meantime, I received a submission from Lee in Montana.  All of Lee’s answers were correct.  Then, shortly after receiving Lee’s winning response, I received the final correct answer from Aida… and that was the last response I received.

Congratulations, Lee from Montana!  Your white, XL Happy Stinking Joy T-shirt is on the way!  Thanks to both Lee and Aida for taking the time to complete the hunt!  I may do another one, or I may not.  If I do, I will make sure it doesn’t keep you away from your Farmville farm for too long… ’cause I know how important those baby chicks can be… or whatever 🙂

As far as answers go, following are the correct ones:  A=Answer

1. On this home school blog , there are some very useful product reviews… including one for The Handbook of Vintage Remedies. By what percentage is the immune system lowered by the intake of sugar products, and for up to how long? A= 40% , 4 hours

2. Jokes are always fun, if not always funny. On this joke site , there is a bar joke about Sadar. He walks into a New York bar, listens to a conversation, and says something. What does he say? Yeah, I know… I don’t get it either :) A= Baljith Singh Married

3. This NFL team sucks in almost every imaginable way, but they do have one thing going for them… and that thing involves pom poms ;) The 2011 Swimsuit Calendar for these hotties was shot on location in Mexico; what is the name of the stretch of Mexican coastline where it was shot?  A= Riviera Nayarit

4. This website offers advice for the average schmo to gain control of his or her finances. Many people will testify as to the difference that this website and program have made in their financial lives. So, with that in mind, what did Pamela S. from Georgia find her credit rating at after implementing some of this program’s advice?  A= 881

5. The poignant poem “Mullet Inspiration” by Jill and Nichole H. found at this site is not only a rhyming masterpiece (seriously, even though it doesn’t always make sense, it rhymes), but the love the narrator has for mullets cannot be denied. Since what year has the narrator been growing his/her mullet?  A= 1989

6. This bizarre site offers some interesting ways to look at life. The author of this site has some very stringent recommendations for a healthy diet. In fact, if you get your Chakras all in alignment and whatnot, you may not need actual food at all. The author of this sight states that there are humans living today who receive their sustenance entirely from what non-food? See, why couldn’t the person who wrote the Sadar joke have had a sense of humor like this?  A= Light

7.  The site for our local library encourages visitors to become “friends of the library”.  How much would it cost an individual to have a lifetime membership as a “friend”?  A= $100

8.  Who doesn’t think motorcycle racing is cool?  I think motorcycle racing is cool, and so does this site.  In fact, this site is so into motorcycle racing that it has an “Official Car”?!?  Really, I ain’t kidding!  What is the “Official Car” of this motorcycle racing site?

9. Ahh… a fellow blogger.  This site is funny (some of it is adult humor).  A depressed chick making her way through life, what could be funnier… except maybe a dude dealing with a mid-life crisis, but I digress.  Her family includes a dog named Coco.  What kind of dog is Coco?  A= Miniature Australian Shepherd

10.  Who can’t get enough of LOLcats?  Yeah, I’ve had enough too.  However, there is a site that not only has the disgustingly cute LOLcat pictures, but it has some pretty cool merchandise available!  There’s this t-shirt… hahaha… about Pluto… hahaha… that starts, “Silly Pluto”… hahaha…  what is the rest of the saying on the shirt?  A= Orbiting the Sun is for Real Planets

11.  This next website is by another fellow blogger… but she has only written a couple of posts and her site seems (thus far) to focus on the “stinking” part of life that I attempt to make fun of in my blog.  Check out this butterfly’s blog, because her inspiration to start her blog (which she needs to write in WAY more often) is AWESOME!  She writes of the blogger who inspired her to start her own blog, and she writes that he and his blog are full of “_____, _____ and _____”.  Surprisingly, none of the answers begin with “s” and end with “t”, but filling in the three blanks is the answer to this question.  A= character, wisdom and humor

12.  Okay, on to a musical siren’s site.  Okay, she isn’t really a siren in the “musical” sense (’cause her singing isn’t really that good)… more in the “seductress” sense of Greek mythology, but whatever!  Whoever said “blondes have more fun” hasn’t, apparently, checked-out many non-blondes!  On this site, you will discover that the singer is going to be in a fashion show on November 30th of this year.  What is the name of the sexy fashion show?  Double whammy… second part of the question: what is the location where will she be performng live on April 5, 2011 (it’s almost like my hometown).  A= Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ; Exhibition Way, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8YW (Glasgow, United Kingdom would have also worked)

13.  This movie was okay… just okay… but I feel some sort of personal connection to the main character… probably because I’m a major stud… or not.  What is the main character’s full name (first name, middle initial, and last name)?  A= Richard B. Riddick

14.  WOW… talk about an ADVENTURER ! This Nebraska entrepreneur (the husband of a husband-and-wife team) holds a world record for traveling over 5300 miles in 43 days using what mode of transportation (manufacturer and model are part of the answer)?
A=  Polaris Genesis jet ski

15. I had this site commented as a suggestion on my blog post asking for suggestions for websites to use in this scavenger hunt… or some other such confusing, seemingly run-on sentence.  When I first visited the site, I thought ‘Way too chickie and feminine for me to admit I had read it and found some meaningless tidbit of info to use in the hunt’… then I noticed Charlie.  Charlie is pretty cool.  The blogger/photographer/whatever wrote a post about Charlie and had a picture of him in a bath of light.  She made a very profound statement about Charlie.  She says that there is this pattern for beings like Charlie… you have to, from time to time, be there and welcome them with open arms.  ’Cause the Charlies of the world tend to realize that they’re __________ again.  Fill in the blank.
A= Bassets

16.  This site is pretty cool.  A coworker of mine is a co-owner of this site (in fact, almost all of my coworkers have their own websites… we work at an Internet company, so we’re kinda geeky like that… and 4 of my coworkers’ sites appear in this hunt).  One of the DJs conducted an interview with the lovely Joy Whitlock.  In that interview, Joy discusses the meaning of the word “beautiful”.  In the interview, Joy states that when she thinks of the word “beautiful”, she immediately thinks of _______.  Fill it in.  A= Jesus

17.  This blogger, in one of his posts, touches discusses exactly how fast we need our Internet to be.  If you really think about it, the Internet speed we actually need to increase the quality of our lives isn’t nearly as fast as one may think.  In fact, according to this blogger (who uses as an example the world class broadband connections of South Korea), ultra-fast speeds often are little more than an enabler for online-gaming addition.  In South Korea, there may already be an entire generation of kids turning into ______ _______.  Fill in the blanks.  A=  gaming zombies

18.  I like short stories.  So, here we go.  This particular story is one of my all time favorites.  The answer will be in three parts, and you can just separate the answers with commas on my Tiny Contact Form.  For the Lottery, who assembled first?  Who is the oldest man in town?  Who selected “… a stone so large she had to pick it up with both hands…”?  A= the children, Old Man Warner, Delacroix

19.  People often ask me why I’m so hard on the Craphandle of Nebraska.  What is it about the Scottsbluff, NE area that drives me so absolutely nuts?  Well, anyone who spends a little time at Walmart will be injected with all of the negative energy that this place puts off.  Don’t want to visit Walmart, then stop in the local Verizon store when it first opens in the morning and count how many f*bombs you hear come from the mouths of people waiting in line.  Many people in this area seem to feel a sense of entitlement, and when they don’t get exactly what they want exactly when they want it, they want everyone within ear-shot to know exactly how upset they are.  That kind of negativity tends to rub off.  If the negative energy isn’t enough, there is the fact that wages aren’t exactly stellar… which probably leads to the negative energy flying off of so many of the residents here.  The organization that offers this website attempts (very poorly, in my opinion)  to bring new businesses to the Craphandle.  On this site, the economic development association provided some census-style data.  Included in this data is a snapshot of data from Scotts Bluff County.  According to the snapshot from 2008, what is the per capita income for the average resident in Scotts Bluff County.  If you are thinking that this number cannot be right, this figure is about half of what the average individual in the United States made in 2008 (according to http://bber.unm.edu/econ/us-pci.htm)  Also, from this same 2008 snapshot, which household income level finds the largest number of households resting in its range?  Yes, this is a two-part question with two answers… and yes, it is a shock anyone wants to call this place home.  A=  $21,274, $15,000 – $24,999

20.  Best blog on the Internet… PERIOD… or not.  Man Toes seem to be an issue for this blogger.  What is the name of the restaurant where preppy-boy-freak-long-toe and Mr. 65+ almost ruined the consumption of World-Class pizza?  A= Cinzetti’s

That’s it, boys and girls.  If anyone would like to know where you had to go to get to any particular answer, please send me an email and I will give you the directions I followed to get to all of the answers.  Lee, I expect that you will send me a picture of yourself in the t-shirt you won!  Again, thanks to all who participated… even if you didn’t finish 🙂

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