Yep, I wrote it.  The word “pussy” has multiple meanings.  I went to to get the skinny.

The most basic definition of “pussy” is pretty simple: a cat.

Another common definition of “pussy” is: a weak or cowardly man or boy (synonyms are “wimp” and “wussy”).

Finally, a third definition of “pussy” is: slang for a woman’s genitalia, and this usage is considered “vulgar” (it has “vulgar” in red letters beside the definition on the Merriam-Webster website).

The media as been on fire recently about The Donald repeating what one of his supporters shouted about Cruz.  Yes, the supporter called Cruz a pussy, and yes, The Donald didn’t just let it go. The Donald spent too much time saying he couldn’t repeat what the supporter  had said just to end up saying himself, “He’s a pussy.”  The Donald went on to teasingly reprimand the supporter, to the laughter of his supporters.  “Hahaha…” and all that jazz.

Why is the media so on fire about this statement?  Maybe calling an opponent a “pussy” is unprofessional (it’s The Donald, would anyone expect more?), but he (or his supporter) was not calling Cruz a woman’s genitalia.  I’m pretty sure the definition was more along the lines of “wimp”.  The media just hates The Donald and will try to make him look as crude and vulgar as possible to accomplish the media’s own ends… ends that dismiss the wishes of about half of our country’s population.

I think of “pussy” in pretty much the same category as “crap”, or “sucks” or “screw you”.   These are not words of phrases that I want my kids using, but unlike more severe words, they would warrant a talking to and not a slap across the face  (unless “pussy” is in reference to a woman’s privates, then it is slap worthy… but you can set up some pretty cool double entendre if you put your mind to it ).

I am not offended by The Donald making light of a supporter calling Cruz a “pussy”.  What is amazing to me is the irony of the situation.  I find it ironic that The Donald would refer to Cruz as a “pussy” when The Donald himself is such a twat…

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